Academics is and will continue to be our primary focus at school as we endeavour to uphold our high standards and the resulting sound academic performances from year to year. We pay tribute to our teachers who have the qualifications and experience to reach and maintain the academic expectations that we set for ourselves.

School Times:

The School begins at 7:45 and ends at 14:45 except on Fridays at 13h30. Periods are approximately 45 minutes long with and there are two breaks in a day.


1.Sotho/Zulu/ Tswana Primary Language
2.English 1st Additional Language
4.Natural Science
5.Social Science : History
6.Economic and Management Sciences
7.Creative Arts: 1. Art
or 2. General
or 3. Music
or 4. Drama
8.Life Orientation:
1. Guidance
2. Physical Education
3. Grade Head Lessons and Counselling

National Senior Certificate NSC: Gr 10 to 12
(Take 7 Subjects)
Compulsory Subjects (4 subjects; 1 from each section)
1.Sotho/Zulu/Tswana Home Language
2.English 1st additional language
3.Life Orientation
4.Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy

Elective Subjects (3 Subjects, 1 from each section)
Physical Sciences/Economics/Dramatic Arts*/Life Sciences
Physical Sciences/Life Sciences/Geography